About Us

Thanks for seeing what Classic Game Freak is all about! We’re glad to see that there are some other game freaks out there. After all, this site was created by a couple of classic game freaks. In particular, it was created by two guys and three girls who absolutely love classic video games.

With that being said, classic games aren’t what they used to be. We think you know what we’re talking about. When you talk about video games, you talk about going to the arcade with your friends after school or in the summer. These are the games that you would play time and again, trying to beat the high scores of your friends and yourself. Because arcades are no longer a common thing to see when you walk down the street, we wanted to move the classic games that we used to love at these locations to the Internet. That’s why we started this site, and we hope you like what you find here.

How to Play the Classic Games We Offer

Originally, we wanted to provide classic arcade games and even some classic board games in Internet form so that you could play them on your desktop computer. This was our first idea when we started the site years ago.

But recently, it can’t be denied that times have changed so that many people are playing video games on their tablet devices and smart phones more than they are playing them on consoles and desktop computers. Wanting to keep up with the times, we decided to change our format while still keeping our games useful for desktop computers and laptop computers.

Thus means that you can now play the classic games that we offer on your smart phone or tablet device. We have converted all of the games on our site to mobile versions. This undertaking was not simple, but it was recently completed, and that’s why we wanted to launch this new site in conjunction with our mobile turnover.

The Types of Games We Offer at ClassicGameFreak.com

Again, we are a site devoted to classic games, so you are going to see the games that you used to see at the arcade on our site. We also have a number of board games from the classic era that we’ve converted to mobile versions. This means that you can actually play a board game you used to play when you were little on the Internet, and you can even play against people you know.

To play against a friend or family member, you need an account and so do they. Accounts are free for everyone and easy to create. We want you to make up a username and give us your email address so we can send you a confirmation link when you sign-up. We also ask that you pick a picture to put alongside your username. This can be a picture of you or anything else you like.

We hope you like the classic games you find here. Thank you for coming!